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In this section, you could configure and personalize your ZEUS, connect to various nodes and accounts.


Main options

  1. Accounts menu - Add or select default connection to various types (see more details in Accounts section)
  2. Node Info - See more details about your LN node, to which you connect ZEUS (Alias, LN version, node URI, QR URI, NFC).
  3. Privacy menu - set lurker mode to hide your mains creen balances and mempool options


  1. Security menu - to set or change a password or PIN to open your ZEUS


  1. Currency menu - to set a local fiat currency conversion
  2. Language menu - set your ZEUS language displayed (27+ languages available). If you want to contribute with another language translation, you can join our Transifex page.
  3. Theme - choose a theme for ZEUS
  4. About - links to more ZEUS contact and information